Is Blogging Overrated As a Means of Making Money Online?

Reading stories of a one man blogger selling his site to a large corporation for millions of dollars is bound to inspire ever more people into using blogging to generate an income online. And there is no denying that there are many opportunities for making money online through blogging. The fundamental question though is whether blogging generates as much money as it is sometimes touted to.

Make no mistake – you can earn money from blogging. But there is a difference between making money online and making lots of money online. Sure many people can get a couple of dollars, even hundreds from their blog each month. What you will not hear often enough though is that a very small proportion of all bloggers manage to break into the thousand dollar territory per month. And those that do have tales of sleepless nights, months or years of planning and effort all merged with their passion for writing compelling content.

As with many other forms of businesses, bloggers who are out to make money over the internet often fail to break into substantial income territory because they lack a well thought out business model. It is also important to realize that not every business model will work with everyone. Each business model must also take into consideration the bloggers skill, experience and areas of interest. While one blogger may find great success in a finance blog, they might not experience the same success if they opt to pursue a technology blog.

Certain monetization strategies that have in the past been considered a must have for any blog to realize a good income have since been proven ineffective. A classic example is website traffic. The more traffic your blog attracts, the more the money you are bound to make, right? Well, not necessarily. The internet today abounds with blogs and websites that see millions in traffic each month but whose monthly income is a pittance in comparison.

It has taken a number of costly mistakes for many bloggers to realize that focusing simply on upping website traffic is no guarantee that you will make more money from your blog. The reality is that it is not more traffic that is important but rather targeted traffic. It is very possible for a blog with 1000 unique visitors each month to earn its owner more money than a blog with 100,000 unique visitors. It is all about getting the right mix of the product you offer and the people you attract to your site.

Even selling banner ad space on your blog might look like a great idea when you st

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